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Will My Insurance Cover Therapy?

Will My Insurance Cover Therapy?

Will My Insurance Cover Therapy

will my insurance cover therapy

The costs of health insurance keeps rising just in order to keep pace with the projected profit-margins set by the insurance companies. In order for this to occur without out-pricing the working poor, new policies are being added that expand the coverage that some might require. It is a little vicious cycle, and one that squarely works in the favor of the conglomerates who are running this country. In order to expand, they need to find new areas of coverage where previously benefits weren’t issued. Elective surgeries are now coming into play as some of the most expensive and profit-driven resources a new insurance policy will cover, while once they did not. On the other end of the spectrum, less tangible procedures are also being allowed, ones that previously had no room at the inn when it came to insurance coverage. Will my insurance cover therapy? It depends on how established the field of treatment is and whether or not you have an updated policy.

Will My Insurance Cover Therapy?

So, will my insurance cover therapy? Chances are pretty good they will if you have a private policy, or even a general policy that you bought off the federal exchange. However, if you only have the base plan for Medicare, or are on Medicaid, then you actually might be out of luck.

Using Insurance for Therapy

If you are using insurance for therapy, you will want to verify with your doctor or clinician first that the policy you have will cover what you need it to cover. If you deductible is high, then chances are you aren’t looking at a good deal.

Does Blue Cross Cover Therapy?

Does Blue Cross cover therapy? It really depends on the policy you have with them, though many policies written in the past four years are providing benefits for therapy.

Does Medicaid Cover Therapy?

So, will my insurance cover therapy? In the past, the policies generally written for consumers in a broad sense would not cover such an expense. However, with the expansion of coverage now mandated under the ACA, insurance companies are looking for ways to make more money than they did before. This means opening up the benefits and allowing for non-essential treatments. Does Medicaid cover therapy? Again, it depends on your policy and whether or not the Medicaid administration deems your treatment necessary. Chances are, however, they will not and any therapy you get will have to come out of your own pocket.

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