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Why Do We Need Better Healthcare?

Why Do We Need Better Healthcare?

Why Do We Need Better Healthcare

why do we need better healthcare

The questions surrounding the policies put forth by our government never seem to go deeper than a sound bite. We expected, and still expect to some extent, that our elected representatives are doing their best for us in our own best interests. Of course, this is no longer true, as an increase in voter apathy and a decrease in education and a will to succeed among the working poor has allowed the ultra-wealthy oligarchs to overtake the system and use it for their own good. Propaganda, lies and outright indignant behavior have become the norm in our society. We are adrift in our own negligence, lost in a sea of consumer mining that allows predators to come and remove what little we have in the terms most suitable to them. If things were different, we might be alright as a country, but our apathy will not allow for improvement. Why do we need better healthcare? Because in the end, it is all we have to hold on to.

Why Do We Need Better Healthcare?

So, why do we need better healthcare? We need it to protect us from ourselves. The government needs us to have it to keep us quiet, a nibble tossed our way to satisfy our false belief that the government is still taking care of us in our best interests.

Why Do We Need Health Care?

Why do we need health care at all? We are frail in our humanity, and therefore need assistance to better heal ourselves whether that be mentally or physically. Because of the costs associated with that plan, we need to pay for it somehow.

What Is Healthcare Reform?

Then what is healthcare reform? It is a glorified concept that we can still change how we are cared for. We of course cannot. The system is beyond our control.

Health Insurance

So, why do we need better healthcare? Rising costs of health care, artificially inflated for the greatest profit, are the undercurrent of our dilemma. Until the 197os, health care related costs and industries were not allowed under law to make a profit off of health care, either in the medical field or in health insurance. Now, that has changed, and we are at the mercy of those who wield the power in this country. Health insurance is a beast that is never sated, never knows fulfillment and never goes away. If you can’t pay, you will be drained of every speck of wealthy you once had.

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