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Comprehensive Coverage

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Comprehensive Coverage Explained

Comprehensive Health Insurance is total coverage for your health needs. This includes doctor’s appointments, specialists, yearly physicals, prescriptions, radiology, physical therapy, and hospital stays. It is complete health care that provides peace of mind.

Perks of Comprehensive Coverage

The term “comprehensive” helps to explain what is covered under this plan. Everything has the possibility of being included, and that means pre-existing health conditions may be accepted. All hospitals and doctors can be seen without specific requirements of being in a PPO or HMO network. Benefits are paid out at a set level and do not change based upon the location.

Specialist’s appointments and second-opinions can be made without referrals, and there is no requirement to have a primary care provider as is seen with an HMO.

Comprehensive plans are often utilized in growing families or for those who have increased medical needs. Instead of paying co-pays at every appointment, the monthly benefit covers a set number of appointments without an extra charge. This is helpful for repeated lab visits, large families, physical therapy appointments, or long-term treatments.

Points to Notice for Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive plans may initially be cheaper on a month-to-month basis, but do not pay benefits until a designated level is reached. The deductible can be very high (such as $7500 or $15,000) for individuals or families.

Payments for services may be required up-front before a procedure is performed. This is different from a PPO or HMO that bills after the appointment.
Procedures and office visits are billed at the full rate and do not include in-network discounts. Prices may be significantly higher than what one is traditionally used to paying under a PPO or HMO insurance plan.

Lastly, pre-existing health conditions may be excluded for a specified period (such as 12 or 24 months). Once the time-requirements are met, benefits are paid out.


Comprehensive Health Insurance offers peace of mind to visit any doctor or facility of choice. It is essential to know if pre-existing conditions are affected by your plan. Also, the plan’s increased price and possible waiting periods should be taken into consideration.

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